Unjani Medical Education Update

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Unjani Medical Education Update

Postoleh nugrah » 26 Mar 2015, 11:19

Student assessment plays the important role in improving the educational quality. A failure to articulate the relationship between learning and assessment has resulted in a mismatch between the high quality learning. Indonesia has experience on Final Board Examination as the exit exam of medical and health education program. Therefore, assessment on competence in medical and health education students has become the major issue to improve in institutional level.
The ideal assessment method should be valid, relieble, visible and has positive learning impact on student learning. On the other hand, the main problem to improve the quality in student assessment is a lack familiarity on the part of medical educator with the concepts of psichomoetrics that undelie the assessment quality.
Due the fact, we feel the need to discuss further this issue on the Umed-Update 2015 with the theme :
"Refreshment on Student Assessment to Improve Institutional Education Quality"

Time and Place
"This workshop and symposium will be held in Bandung, March 27th-28th, 2015, in Mercure Hotel Bandung, Jl. Dr. Setia Budi Bandung."


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