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Seminar Nasinal

DipostCOLON 07 Des 2015, 14:54
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The heart is a unit organ, the most important of the human. Unfortunately heart disease is one of the disease “the cause of death is most” in the world. Sayangilah and Rawatlah Your Heart with Good.....

Get tips taking care of heart health, signs and symptoms of heart disease as well as how to prevent and treat heart disease.

Set of Students of Pharmacy FMIPA UNTAD
“Seminar National Cardiovascular”,
with the theme “Current Cardiovascular Diseases Management: the time that I was at for the maintenance and improvement of Quality of Life”,,,,,
represent speaker a reliable and competitive this area of the financial profession of the Doctor and Druggist.,

time commencement,
Day/It : Saturday, 7 November 2015
Place : Auditorium UNTAD

Student/Student : The're 75000
General : 125.000

The heart of You and your Family More Precious,,

– Goodie Bag
– pin
– note
– glass beautiful
– pin
– a ballpoint pen
– lunch
– Snack x2

As well as get a Certificate with 8 SKP...

what are you waiting for, let's get the message tickets now too!!!
(Participants Limited)

Contact :
CP : 0878 4471 3579
Or contact one in the picture